The Ubiquiti UniFi access points are revolutionary, enterprise WiFi solutions that combine carrier-class performance, unlimited scalability and a virtual management controller, they create reliable, wireless local area networks indoors and outdoors.



Unifi home WIFI systems can strengthen the internet coverage around your home, inside and out, It’s frustrating when your home wi-fi drops, dropped wireless signals during your favourite Netflix TV show is annoying and frustrating, so you need to ensure that we have the strongest wireless signal as possible.


Wireless black spots or dropouts can be caused by many different factors, such as your home’s infrastructure causing interference, a faulty router, or even just thick walls. however, a good Home WIFI connection doesn’t have to be elusive.


Implementing a robust network infrastructure in your business is key to business progression, your network infrastructure provides the foundation for all your day-to-day operations, connecting your computers, servers, software, and security platforms.

Understanding networks can be a challenge for many business owners, here at Securi-Tek , we provide dedicated network support to help you find the right infrastructure solutions for your business.


From extensive server and storage solutions to lightning-fast WIFI frameworks, we will create a bespoke solution tailored to fit your business requirements. Our knowledgeable network engineers provide unparalleled support to guide you through the extensive details of the networking and infrastructure landscape. By tailoring your network infrastructure to the evolving needs of your business we can protect your data, reduce operating costs, and increase productivity – ultimately enabling your business to grow.


Farms by there very nature are rural, often with poor broadband speeds, the objective of a farm wide WIFI network is to provide your farm with a strong, reliable WIFI signal that reaches the perimeter of your land, or any area that you require WIFI coverage.


We use high power Wi-Fi access points, installed in specific areas around the farm in order to provide blanket WIFI coverage, Once the wireless network equipment is installed at your farm, you or your employees will have the ability to scan and connect to the WIFI from any location around your farm.


Livestock sheds are prone to block out WIFI signals, as soon as your or an employee enters a shed the ability to contact the outside world diminishes, installing WIFI access points within your livestock sheds ensures your employees and yourself have a constant internet connection should a problem arise and you need to call for help.