4K CCTV Camera



Having the ability to remotely log in and view your CCTV system from your smartphone has been a standard feature for many years, however, unless your CCTV system is monitored through a security control room, CCTV footage you view will always be after the criminal activity has taken place, unfortunately, this is usually when you arrive at your business premises and discover the damage that's been caused, now, with our ultra-smart range of CCTV cameras, you can be alerted to any criminal activity instantly, utilising clever algorithms, our ultra-smart cameras are capable of distinguishing between humans, animals, vehicles and environmental factors. 

When consideration is given to installing conventional external detection devices such as infra-red security beams or passive movement detectors, consideration must also be given in relation to cabling specific detection areas, cable routes could prove to be difficult and may require civil works to complete the installation, utilising the security algorithms within our ultra-smart CCTV systems, we can often negate the need for these expensive civil works, with the correct placement and commission of an ultra-smart CCTV camera we can protect driveways, gates, garage doors, always detecting the intruder on the outside before they gain entry to the inside.


Your CCTV needs are as unique as the home or business you are looking to protect, this is why we will bespoke design your new CCTV system in line with your exact requirements. 


Ultra-Smart CCTV - Intrusion Zone

The intrusion zone feature on our ultra-smart CCTV cameras allows you to draw a box or multiple boxes around objects, vehicles, machinery, in fact, you can draw intrusion zones pretty much anywhere, the intrusion zone can be configured to send an alert if an object enters the box or an object is removed from the box. 

Ultra-Smart CCTV - Tripwire

The Tripwire feature on our ultra-smart CCTV cameras allows you to draw a single line or multiple lines across a path or fence line, drive or gateway, in fact, you can draw a tripwire pretty much anywhere a person will cross onto your property, the tripwire can be configured to send an alert if a person crosses the invisible line a single way, either way, or both ways. 

Ultra-Smart CCTV - Items Removed

The items removed feature that's built into our ultra-smart CCTV camera is a fantastic feature if you are looking to protect fixed items around your home or within your business, we simply draw a box around the fixed item, configure your specific notification alerts, then, if the item is removed you will revive your pre-configured notification.

Ultra-Smart CCTV - People Counting

The people counting system that's incorporated into our ultra-smart CCTV cameras allow commercial premises owners to monitor how many people are inside the building at one given time, fixed on the entrance and exit to the store, the ultra-smart system can give the store owner up to date information, during these unprecedented times with COVID10, this system could help commercial owners comply with any future Covid regulations. 

Ultra-Smart CCTV - Auto Tracking

The ultra-smart, PTZ camera range is capable of tracking the movement of objects within its field of view, other cameras can also be linked into the system, this allows the PTZ to concentrate its vision on a particular area, however, should one of the other linked ultra-smart cameras detects movement, the PTZ camera will be called in to track movement. 


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