Not Very Honest!

Updated: May 10

Putting the eggs out every morning was one of the daily duties the farmer's daughter would enjoy, until that dreadful day.

It was early morning and the farmer's daughter had walked down to the farm gate like she had done every morning for the last two years, it was one of the jobs she could do without supervision and took immense pride in it.

As she approached the egg box she could see that it had been smashed to pieces, they hadn't taken the eggs, they smashed them, then taken the money.

These eggs turned a greater profit for the farmer than the thousands of eggs they sold commercially every day, he didn't want to lose the income that the eggs had provided.

The Solution

The farmer decided to install a vending machine dedicated to Eggs, customers could still pay with change, they could also pay with cards, we installed a 4K CCTV systems to monitor the vending machine, the CCTV system was linked to the farmers smartphone.

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