Beware - Cowboy CCTV Installers

Sometimes when a deal is too good to be true it usually is, this is certainly the case with the influx of CCTV installers over the lockdown period, it seemed anybody who could climb a ladder was ordering CCTV kits from eBay or Amazon, then selling their services online as a fully-qualified CCTV installer!

If you're going to spend your hard-earned money on a home CCTV system to protect your home please ensure your installer is competent, the images above are displayed with pride on a companies website local to our office, camera bases are missing grommets, this will allow water ingress, eventually, the connections will become rusty and deteriorate, you can also see 20mm white conduit, sometimes using conduit on a CCTV install is unavoidable, it offers containment and protection for the camera cables, in the image above, however, we are at a loss to understand why the CCTV installer didn't run the conduit directly into the IP connection box, on the subject of IP connection boxes, don't they look awful, saving a few pounds using the IP boxes over the correct mounting bracket speaks volumes about the type of installer that completed these CCTV installations.

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