4K PTZ Camera

Securi-Tek has been developing, installing and maintaining livestock monitoring systems for over 10 years, originally the first livestock monitoring CCTV system was installed within a poultry/broiler shed control room, which allowed the poultry farm manager to monitor the shed temperatures and alarm warning lights from the poultry farm office.


Later with advancements in technology and then broadband speeds, we were able to transmit the live CCTV images over to a central monitoring station specifically designed for poultry, we then carried out the installation of eight additional cameras inside the poultry sheds, the poultry monitoring team could then view the welfare of the birds remotely, having the ability to detect issues early on a farm can be critical in preventing livestock loss, as any livestock farmer will appreciate, the faster you are alerted to a problem the faster you can respond, potentially saving your animals lives.


Your CCTV needs are as unique as the home or business you are looking to protect, this is why we will bespoke design your new CCTV system in line with your exact requirements. 

Poultry CCTV Systems

Two fully functioning HD CCTV cameras are positioned at either end of this poultry house, positioning the cameras this way achieves full coverage of the house, this also allows for routine or emergency camera maintenance mid crop.

Poultry CCTV System

Lambing CCTV Systems

Lambing CCTV System

Having the ability to monitor multiple lambing pens on one screen can save a lot of wasted trips up and down to the lambing sheds, our lambing CCTV systems provide crystal clear, pen specific audio, 4K ultra-high definition video with optical zoom options from 12 up to 64 times. 

Calving CCTV Systems

Having the ability to monitor your livestock remotely from your smartphone or tablet device can save time and money on a busy working farm, negating the need to constantly make trips into the calving sheds, calves can be monitored from any location and from multiple handsets. 

Calving CCTV Systems