We want nothing more than for you to have a gate that you love and that suits the exterior of your property, however our top priority must be to ensure that you, your family and members of the public are as safe as possible, this is why all of our engineers have completed the relevant courses for a safe gate installation.

Electric Gate Types

Wooden Gates

When it comes to durability, sustainability and beauty, it’s hard to beat the appeal of wooden gates. Choose from close-boarded gates for maximum privacy, a rustic ‘five-barred’ design to enhance a rural property, or elegant hardwood versions for period or contemporary homes.

While hardwoods, such as teak and oak offer the best durability and will give years of service with very little maintenance, slow grown softwoods such as redwood and cedar are less expensive and can be painted or stained to enhance their looks and ensure longevity.

Metal Gates

Metal gates can look elegant, minimalist or antique, wrought iron is an adaptable material, giving you the option to order a bespoke set of gates, created to your exact specification, not only does wrought iron look good, its strength brings an enhanced level of security to your home, with occasional maintenance and simple care, your wrought iron gates with last for many years.

Gate Access Control Systems

Voice Intercom Gate System

The voice intercom, gate entry system, is probably one of the most commonly seen gate systems when presented with a set of electric gates, from the unsecure side, the visitor uses a call button, this in turn activates the telephone inside the property on the secure side, enabling the property owner to speak to the visitor and open the gates if necessary.

Video Intercom Gate System

The video intercom, gate entry system, operates in exactly the same way as the Voice Intercom systems, the added bonus with the video intercom is that you can also see who you are speaking too, positively identifying visitors are who they say they are, heightens gate security.


Gate Safe Accredited

Occupier Liability Act 1957 & 1984, Duty of care to protect people from harm or injury while on your property.

Wireless Access Control Systems

With advancements in technology we no longer need to run cables from new or existing gate installations back to the house, we are finding more and more, automated gate owners who have turned the gates over to manual operation because of an existing cable failure, utilising wireless technology, we can re-establish the communication between the house and the gate.

Adding your electric gates to your home network will then allow you to control your gates from any location in the world, the gate system can be configured to call single or multiple smartphone applications, allowing you to see and speak to visitors at your gate, all from the security of your smartphone, the gate application can also be configured to send notification alerts, if the system detects movement in a specified area it will take snap snot images and forward them over to your nominated email address.

GSM Gate Access

Speed dial your gates, how many times have you lost your gate remote fob, batteries have died or have you dropped it off the seat, with the GSM gate controller you can programme your gates as a speed dial number in your mobile phone, as your approaching your gates you can either press the speed dial number or ask your hands free to call it for you.