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Securi-Tek systems offer a full range of commercial and industrial high definition CCTV systems, all our commercial grade CCTV systems are sourced from reputable and reliable manufacturers, all our commercial systems are fully tested before being installed in your business premises, all of the commercial CCTV systems that we install are equipped with the correctly specified hard drive size, this ensures that your commercial CCTV system has the correct amount of recording time without the risk of valuable evidence not being captured, some companies install smaller hard drives so that they can maximise profits, they achieve recording targets through the use of motion only recording, this can mean that valuable footage is not recorded if the criminal activity takes place out of the selected motion zones.

All of our commercial CCTV systems are equipped with WD Purple hard drives, this type of hard drive is manufactured specifically for use in CCTV surveillance systems, conventional PC hard drives cannot withstand the requirements or demand from a high definition commercial CCTV system.


Your CCTV needs are as unique as the home or business you are looking to protect, this is why we will bespoke design your new CCTV system in line with your exact requirements. 


The correct selection and placement of CCTV cameras are integral in a professionally designed commercial CCTV system. Securi-tek believe there isn't one, off the shelf CCTV camera that can provide the correct image in all circumstances, a camera that has a wide-angle focal length would not provide a detailed image when positioned to cover a narrow alleyway, similarly to a narrow focal length CCTV camera, would not provide the required image when positioned to cover a wide-open car park or large industrial area.

Focused For Detection

When a CCTV camera is positioned for detection, the CCTV operator should be able to distinguish that the intruder is human, very few other characteristics are available to the operator. 

CCTV Detection Field Of View

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Focused For Identification

The ability to positively identify a person beyond a reasonable doubt. this level of detail provides sufficient image quality to identify an individual or clearly read a vehicle license plate.

CCTV Identification Camera

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Fixed CCTV Camera

Static cameras are fixed with the camera viewing one particular dedicated scene. Typical static applications are specific concentrated areas that require static coverage without the need to cover a large area, minimising the required budget for the equipment. Static CCTV cameras focus on risk areas which are always more effective when the correct lens configuration is gained to pin point specific detail, i.e. facial recognition, retail transactions etc.

Dome CCTV Camera

Named for its dome shape, it is the most common security camera you see in businesses and stores. Due to its shape, it’s difficult to tell exactly where the camera is aiming unless you see it up close. Dome cameras are generally used inside buildings, although the domes can be used outside as well and can be mounted on ceilings or walls. Supplied as Static or PTZ versions.


PTZ stands for and signifies the camera’s ability to Pan, Tilt and Zoom. This means that the camera can be controlled from a remote location, such as a control room, a keyboard/joystick in an office or in a security watch room. Typical PTZ applications are extensive areas that would require such a large number of static CCTV cameras that would exceed the budget for equipment and labour. PTZ cameras provide a good bridge between requirement and cost. Additionally, when security staff are employed or the camera includes the PTZ Object Tracing function, objects can be followed at a high optical zoom level and produce high-quality crime scene evidence.

Bullet CCTV Camera

The name for the bullet camera comes from its resemblance to a rifle bullet – generally long and tapered like a cylinder. Bullet cameras contain the same electronic components as C-Mount cameras but have been modified to fit in bullet weatherproof casing.


Your CCTV needs are as unique as the home or business you are looking to protect, this is why we will bespoke design your new CCTV system in line with your exact requirements. 



Having the ability to remotely log in and view your CCTV system from your smartphone has been a standard feature for many years, unfortunately, unless your CCTV system is monitored through a security control room, CCTV footage you view will always be after the criminal activity has taken place, unfortunately, this is usually when you arrive at your business premises and discover the damage that's been caused, now, with our ultra-smart range of CCTV cameras, you can be alerted to any criminal activity instantly, utilising clever algorithms, our ultra-smart CCTV cameras are capable of distinguishing between humans, animals, vehicles and environmental factors.


When consideration is given to installing conventional external detection devices such as infra-red security beams or passive movement detectors, consideration must also be given in relation to cabling specific detection areas, cable routes could prove to be difficult and may require civil works to complete the installation, utilising the security algorithms within our ultra-smart CCTV systems, we can often negate the need for these expensive civil works, with the correct placement and commission of an ultra-smart CCTV camera we can protect driveways, gates, garage doors, always detecting the intruder on the outside before they gain entry to the inside.

Specialised CCTV systems can offer a higher level of protection over conventional CCTV cameras, conventional CCTV systems record video and audio, our range of specialised CCTV cameras can also detect, alert and inform.

The Ultra Smart range of CCTV cameras take reliability when detecting intruders to the next level, protecting specific areas of your business are made much easier, with inbuilt analytics, intrusion zones can be configured around specific areas of your home, tripwire or intrusion lines can be configured across gateways and entrances, the Ultra Smart system will then send notification alerts directly through to your smart devices or through to a dedicated 24hr security control room.

Ultra-Smart - Technology Driven

In this image, you can see we have created trip wire zones along both fence lines and intrusion zones along the fence line floor, we have then created further intrusion zones covering the groundfloor windows, doors and then the roller shutter. 

Ultra Smart CCTV Systems

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Ultra-Smart - Technology Driven

In this image, you can see we have created trip wire zones across the fence line, we have also created tripwire zones across the fence to prevent cutting below, we have then created trip wire zones across the main entrance. 

Ultra Smart CCTV Camera

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