Similarly to our vehicles, we rely on them to start every morning and take us to where we need to go, we keep them fully serviced, check our vehicles oils and fluids etc, very much in the same way that we rely on our security systems to protect us when the time comes, now ask yourself, when was the last time you had your security system serviced and fully tested. 


If you have informed your insurance company that you have a CCTV system installed on your property, you may be in receipt of an insurance discount, your insurer may withdraw your cover or default any claim due to your CCTV system not being serviced when the incident occurred. 

Your CCTV system stands for Closed Circuit Television, these closed circuits are made up of a number of electrical components and connections, keeping each individual part of the circuit fully maintained is crucial to keeping a fully functional CCTV system.

Visually it may seem that your CCTV system is working correctly, you can see live images displayed on the CCTV monitor or television, unfortunately, this does not mean that the CCTV system is recording footage, one of the main components in a CCTV system is the hard drive, this component is mounted within your main CCTV recording unit, the hard drive can often fail without warning, more often than not when you need to retrieve footage from your system.

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