Access control systems determine who will be allowed to enter or exit a building, where they will be allowed to exit or enter that building, and of course when they will be allowed to enter or exit.

Access control systems help to prevent any unauthorised access to a site or building, At the same time, the access control system can also act as a safety measure for your site or building, preventing people from entering an area or using equipment they are not authorised or trained to operate.

The type of access control system technology that you require will partly depend on the level of security that your building requires and the environment in which the access control system will be working, access control systems can be applied to any physical contained point, including doors, gates, barriers and more.

All of our access control systems have a wide range of features and functions available, depending on the requirements you have of your new system, systems range from a basic keypad system which requires the user to enter a PIN number or a swipe card system where you swipe a plastic card with a barcode through a reader, all the way up to multi-tier I.P apartment intercom systems that can control gates, service doors and elevators.


Your CCTV needs are as unique as the home or business you are looking to protect, this is why we will bespoke design your new CCTV system in line with your exact requirements. 


Biometric systems are becoming more popular due to COVID19, If you’re not familiar with biometric security systems, It is a method of security authentication that will use the unique characteristics of a person, such as voice patterns, facial recognition, or the retina pattern of the eye to confirm identification.


Proximity card readers have been a common sight for many years, usually positioned next to the door they control, users are allocated a card, management will then access the system and grant the user permissions to certain doors, proximity systems have simplified access control and management over the last 10 years, losing a set of office keys no longer requires an expensive full lock and key change, often amounting to hundreds of pounds.     


Proximity cards are convenient and high-quality, each card is encoded with a unique 8-digit numeric code to guarantee security and simplify card issuance, access cards are supplied with all our access control systems, supplied blank ready for your own company branding. 


The most common and conventional access control system is the keypad access system, users are allocated a specific access code, upon entering the code the keypad releases the door, management of the system will use a specific management code to erase or update existing user codes, this type of system works ok with a single door, management of the system will need to keep a separate log for information relating to user codes and users.