4K CCTV Camera

A.I (Artificial Intelligence) smart tracking, algorithms that control the pan/tilt/ and zoom actions of the auto tracking PTZ CCTV camera, automatically detecting and tracking humans or vehicles that are in motion, appear or cross areas configured for detection, ensuring the camera keeps the selected target permanently in the video scene, this ultra smart tracking action / feature can be triggered manually through the application on your smartphone, tablet or through the desktop PC software. 


Many of the features in the auto-tracking camera can also be started automatically through predefined presets and rules, Once a rule is triggered, the CCTV camera will zoom in and track the defined target automatically, simultaneously the system will send out notification alerts to all subscribed smart devices, once the alert notification has been received, you can open the application and view the auto-tracking cameras live feed.


The auto tracking cameras can operate as a standalone unit, however, once connected to a dedicated CCTV recorder you have more features available to you, from the smartphone application you can also turn on floodlights and sounders.

When considering conventional external intruder detection devices such as infra-red security beams or passive infra-red movement detectors, consideration must also be given to the cabling of these specific detection areas, some cable routes could prove to be difficult, some may require civil works to complete. Utilising the security algorithms within our ultra-smart CCTV systems, we can often negate the need for these civil works.


Tripwire is a video analytics function that provides smart detection of events captured by a security camera, tripwire is a more effective way of monitoring and guarding an area of  interest than simple motion detection, despite motion detection being a commonly sought after feature on security cameras, there are multiple occasions of false positive alerts with standard motion detection, tripwire zomnes or areas configured correctly will negate 98% of these false activations.


Intrusion rules can be drawn in any polygonal shape and be adapted to fit almost any region of interest, intrusion zone rules can also be configured in a range formats,  drawing an intrusion zone around a door way and setting the parameters, every time a person passes through the specific door a notification alert can be configured, this can be linked to an Auto Tracking PTZ CCTV camera, panning the CCTV camera around to the specific doorway and initiating the Auto Tracking sequence. 


Items removed is similar to an intrusion zones congiguration, this rule allows us to draw a secure area around specific items, these items can be as small as plant pots, cement mixers or as large as parked vehicles and heavy 
machinery, when the item is removed from the secure area a notifcation alert is sent out, this in turn can be linked to an Auto Tracking PTZ CCTV camera, moving the PTZ CCTV camera aroud to the specific area and initiating the Auto Tracking sequence.


Items abandoned is essentially the reverse of the items removed rule, with an increase in terror related incidents this rule is often utilised at large public events, music concerts, airports and shopping centres, the specific area of security is defined, then if an item is left within the scene for a pre-determined set time, notification alerts will be sent out, this in turn can be linked to an Auto Tracking PTZ CCTV camera, panning the camera around to the specific area and initiating the auto tracking sequence.


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Your CCTV needs are as unique as the home or business you are looking to protect, this is why we will bespoke design your new CCTV system in line with your exact requirements.