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4K CCTV vs 1080P CCTV Systems.

The decision between installing a 4K CCTV system vs a 1080p CCTV system is becoming more and more relevant, even more so now that 4K TVs dropping in price, there’s that much more call for 4K CCTV systems with a big rise in the popularity of the TVs.

Ultra HD CCTV, otherwise known as 4K CCTV, is basically a measurement of how many pixels the CCTV camera will display on the screen, 4K CCTV cameras have a resolution of 4,096 x 2,160 pixels.


4K CCTV offers at least four times more pixels than the standard 1080p format CCTV systems, this is why it’s named 4K CCTV. We do have to be careful when using the Ultra HD televisions interchangeably with 4K CCTV, they’re not exactly the same thing, Ultra HD has a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160, while true 4K has a slightly higher resolution of 4,096 x 2,160.

The more pixels that are on a screen means the sharper and more realistic the images will look. Conversely, if you compare a close-up image of a 4K image and a zoomed-in image of a 1080p image, you can see how the 1080p image is blockier and less lifelike. Many consumers believe that the 4K CCTV jump from 1080P CCTV won't be noticeable to the naked eye, but as far as pure science is involved, there’s a huge difference between a 4K CCTV camera image and 1080P CCTV camera image. 


Your CCTV needs are as unique as the home or business you are looking to protect, this is why we will bespoke design your new CCTV system in line with your exact requirements. 

What About 1080P CCTV Systems

1080P is the current HD CCTV standard that you’ll find in most HD CCTV systems at the moment, it refers to any CCTV system with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels.


The visual upgrade when you talk about going from 720P CCTV systems to 1080P CCTV are much more noticeable to the naked eye than the jump from 1080P CCTV over to 4K CCTV. Although 1080P CCTV doesn’t have nearly as many pixels that 4K CCTV has, the majority of security companies refer to 1080P as “Full HD CCTV.”

1080P HD CCTV system resolutions range from two mega pixel all the way up to six mega pixel, we are coming across more and more consumers that believe they have been provided with a 4K CCTV system installation only to find that this is not the case, hrbrid 4K CCTV recorders have many display output options available, this means they can be matched to the resolution off the television it is displaying the CCTV camera images on, CCTV recorder output resolutions can be lifted from as low as 720P upto full 4K.

Having a 4K CCTV recorder installed in your home or business does not automatically categorise your CCTV system as 4K, your CCTV recorder's display output could be configured to display as 4K, however, if the CCTV cameras that are feeding your CCTV recorder images are only two megapixel, your CCTV systems resolution standard will be two megapixel.